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One Wilshire Upgrades Clear Way for More Data Centers

150 150 One Wilshire

Data Center Frontier: One Wilshire Upgrades Clear Way for More Data Centers

One of the world’s most connected buildings is getting a power boost. The owners of One Wilshire, the iconic carrier hotel in downtown Los Angeles, have begun a series of infrastructure upgrades that will provide the building with up to 28 megawatts of additional data center capacity.

These are the Buildings that Make up the “Cloud”

150 150 One Wilshire

You’ve got to admit, the concept of “the cloud” is one heck of a marketing coup. Somehow technology companies got the world to think that the Internet is as ubiquitous and fleeting as patterns of water vapor in the sky. But the Internet is far from gossamer—it’s a jumble of copper cables and server stacks wrapped in the windowless walls…

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